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Green Sea Guard provides and installs equipment to monitor ship emissions, gathers emissions data by telemetry and provides advanced analysis of that data. This activity supports compliance acceptance, fuel evaluation, performance profiling and engine diagnostics.

Additionally, emissions monitoring and analysis can support testing of emission reduction effectiveness, and predictive maintenance of ship engines. The data from the shipboard equipment is transmitted to an on-shore server and made available via a secure web portal. These services benefit ship owners, ship crews, and agencies such as coast guards and port authorities.

Mention in Economist Impact

Green Sea Guard Ltd. was highlighted in an Economist Impact article.

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With Green Sea Guard now in the forefront of particulates reduction in the industry, we are of course grateful to our founder and mentor, Claus Santon, who started the company with his forward thinking back in 2014. Claus celebrates a landmark birthday this month, so it is appropriate that we celebrate his vision and inspiration now. Claus has enjoyed a successful career as a naval architect, marine engineer and shipbuilder that has spanned many generations. He has inspired many young people to enter the industry, and he continues to provide the vision and sound advice that Green Sea Guard needs to prosper.

Anita Bradshaw, CEO Green Sea Guard, is presented with the Green Award