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Green Sea Guard provides and installs equipment to monitor ship emissions, gathers emissions data by telemetry, and provides advanced analysis of that data. This supports compliance acceptance, fuel evaluation, performance profiling and engine diagnostics. Additionally, emissions monitoring and analysis can support testing of emission reduction effectiveness, and predictive maintenance of ship engines. The data from the shipboard equipment is transmitted to an on-shore server and made available via a secure web portal. These services benefit ship owners, ship crews, and agencies such as coast guards and port authorities.

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Pollution is possibly the most significant problem that human beings currently face. Pollution of the air, land and seas is the factor that limits the growth of our economies, and poses a threat to life on earth. Many organisations focus on these problems, and Green Sea Guard is one of them, working in the area of maritime pollution from ships.

Marine emissions include a number of gases toxic to humans and wildlife and which also contribute to acidification of the seas. In its turn, acidification reduces the ability of the seas to absorb and hold carbon dioxide, adding to greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere. Engines also produce particulates, which are increasingly associated with poor human health.

Delay in implementing new measures is significant in the fight against pollution: as consumer demand grows, the shipping industry expands, and emissions are created. If action is only taken slowly, emissions continue to grow, so avoiding delay is one of the areas which needs attention.

We are a group of people passionately dedicated to reducing air pollution through pragmatic measures that can take effect rapidly. We offer products and services that monitor gas and particulate emissions which help shipowners to fight the waste of fuel and resources that most of these pollutants represent, providing them with positive commercially sound reasons to control emissions. We provide automation for regulators so that they too can use their scarce resources wisely in the fight against pollution.

Green Sea Guard is a professional, internationally operating, organization with a scientific background and can rely on a professional team to assist during the sales, implementation and evaluation stage of our state of the art measurement systems. Our sales team is present all around the world including offices in the UK, Portugal, The Netherlands, Guatemala and Panama.

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