Green Sea Guard Highlighted in a Economist Impact Article

Green Sea Guard Ltd. was mentioned in an article by Economist Impact



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Green Sea Guard joins prestigious Green Award scheme


Green Sea Guard today joined the community of Green Award incentive providers, offering an 8% discount on its product price list.

This discount applies both to Green Sea Guard’s particulate monitoring system, which can be used to detect particulates from 10 microns down to 70 nm in diameter, and to its gas analysis system which monitors nine different gas parameters during normal operation of a ship.  Shipowners and managers use the analyses of the data, which they access via the internet in real time as the ship sails, to detect and monitor engine issues, prioritise maintenance and realise cost savings through more efficient maintenance scheduling.

Shipowners holding a certificate from Green Award can access discounts at participating ports, creating a strong positive business case for environmental awareness and sustainable practices.

Speaking about this prestigious collaboration, Green Sea Guard’s CEO, Anita Bradshaw said: ‘Signing up to Green Award is a turning point for Green Sea Guard as we will now offer incentives to shipowners buying or leasing our products as well as offering them the chance to make cash savings on operating costs through engine diagnostics and preventative maintenance.  Our products already represent a way for shipowners to demonstrate how they can save money through compliance with air quality and emissions regulations: with Green Award certification, these ships can access an even broader range of benefits.

From left to right:

Andre van der Zwaan, Senior Account Manager Green Sea Guard; Anita Bradshaw, CEO Green Sea Guard; Jan Fransen, executive director Green Award; Ed van Dort, Green Sea Guard; Keita Shinohara, certification manager Green Award

News from Rotterdam | SEEC G300 Tested

SEEC G300, our particulates product, was tested on a new fuel filtration system in the laboratory two weeks ago. While we cannot reveal the details of the fuel system, the SEEC G300 worked beautifully. We are awaiting the result of a grant application we have made to develop this product for our market, but it is encouraging that our prototype is already producing great results in demanding laboratory test environments. The SEEC G300 is far more advanced than any other particulates system currently used in the maritime sector and does not suffer the issues that laser-based products encounter, Typically a laser will produce low results at higher particulate concentrations due to particulates “masking” each other. The SEEC G300, by contrast, uses a non-laser method which performs well across the spectrum.