Green Sea Guard Highlighted in a Economist Impact Article

Green Sea Guard Ltd. was mentioned in an article by Economist Impact



– Create a list of topics & sub-topics that an article about International Maritime Organization (IMO) should cover. – Considering the definitions below for Boolean questions, definitional questions, grouping questions, and comparative questions, create a list of queries that can be used in an article titled “International Maritime Organization (IMO)”? Boolean questions: Questions that can be answered with yes or no Definitional questions: Questions asking for the definition of a term or terms. Normally it starts with the word “what”. Grouping questions: Questions that are normally answered with a list of answers Comparative questions: Questions that normally contain a superlative. – Provide a list of specific contextual questions that are related to the representative question “International Maritime Organization (IMO)? – Generate a list of related questions to “International Maritime Organization (IMO)”. Each question should have a different context.


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