xGreen Sea Guard | Meet The Team

1. Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance is a high priority for Green Sea Guard. David Ford is an experienced fund manager and also sits on our UK Board, tasked with ensuring that we meet all our investors’ expectations.

2. Advisory Board

Ian Robertson leads our Advisory Board. As a young company we have taken care to ensure that we have the skills required for our current stage of development. But as seasoned individuals for the most part, we understand the limits of our own capabilities and skills. Our Advisory Board consists of a number of high calibre individuals who are available to supplement those skills and capabilities.

3. The Founders

Veteran shipbuilder, maritime engineer and naval architect Claus Santon originally devised the Green Sea Guard concept. Claus is an inventor and has a number of ideas which we can develop in future years.
After a successful career in corporate finance and information technology, Henrik Blicher Hansen specifically leads on the sales side whole also taking responsibility for the protection of our intellectual property.
Anita Bradshaw is responsible for Operations. Anita graduated in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and pursued a career in international banking and management consultancy before moving into the cleantech sector.

4. The Operational Teams

Green Sea Guard B.V.

Managing Director – Anita Bradshaw
Sales, Marketing & Account Management – AndrĂ© van der Zwaan & Ed van Dort
Board Advisor – Dennis de Witte
CSR and Sustainablity Industry Expert – Kate Little

Green Sea Guard Limited

Chief Executive Officer – Anita Bradshaw
Engineering Lead – Andrew Burgess
Chief Technology Officer – Robert Urry
Chief Financial Officer – tba
Onshore Operations Manager – Claire Gibbs