Green Sea Guard | PortXL

Green Sea Guard at PortXL

Green Sea Guard has been on the Port XL programme since March 2018. This programme has been extremely valuable in connecting with potential clients, providing mentoring and expanding our Vision. Our contacts in Rotterdam have put us in contact with clients and a wide range of other stakeholders.

PortXL | World Port Accelerator

PortXL is the first World Port Accelerator and unique in its kind. PortXL partners with leading companies, organisations and individuals around the globe, from Singapore, Houston to Piraeus. Its aim is to accelerate innovation in ports worldwide.
It is located in Rotterdam, the city known for a pioneering spirit through generations of entrepreneurs and innovators. The spirit of boundless ambition has shaped the city and its port, a gateway to Europe.

Joint Focus

PortXL focuses on building the ecosystem that creates value for all stakeholders. It aims to accelerate start-ups in a time frame of 3 months. How? With an intense mentorship driven program focusing on port related industries. The PortXL ecosystem consists of founders, investors and corporate partners (Van Oord, Port of Rotterdam, EY, ECE, Vopak, Uniper, Boskalis, Rabobank, Rotterdam Port Fund and InnovationQuarter) which support and accelerate the entrepreneurial journey. This programme creates value for a wider network. Everything done is aimed at growing and disrupting the maritime, logistic, energy, and chemical/refinery markets.

Green Sea Guard has one of its European satellite offices within PortXL and is a committed contributor to the overall programme.