Green Sea Guard | G100 Gas Analyser

The G100 provides very accurate, high resolution and simultaneous readings of an engine’s exhaust gases. This precise view of the composition of the exhaust gases produces an extremely valuable view of the performance of an engine. We have used this array to diagnose several engine faults to date and are currently developing algorithms that will allow automated engine diagnosis. Up to nine gases are monitored; this number includes all the toxic and non-toxic gases that need to be reported to regulators.

G100 Gas Analyser
Below is a diagram that shows the general positioning of the G100 within the engine room. As ship engine room layout and size varies so much, it is necessary to survey the ship’s engine room to ensure the most appropriate and safe location of the G100.

General Positional Relationship with SEM
Routing for the signal that carries the data can be direct to our GPS antenna, a satellite link, or via systems already installed on board the ship. Power can be derived from mains voltage supplies or DC supplies.